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November 2016 Workshops

11/14/16 MONDAY
10am: LECTURE “15 Minutes of Play: The What and Why’s of PLAY” by Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Includes an exciting power-point presentation on 15 Minutes of Play with loads of quilts! Victoria gives an inspiring talk about her process and how to push your creativity. She’ll share enough to get you all creatively inspired, and then we send you home on the creative buzz!

11/14/16 MONDAY

“15 Minutes of PLAY” Improvisationally explore new ways to use your SCRAPS, 15 minutes at a time! Learn to play in your scraps and design unique quilts. Sharpen your skills, combine colors and prints in new ways, push it further by using templates then watch your own unique quilt design emerge. Discover how distinctive classic blocks can be, when constructed with more spunk and spontaneity! Build confidence in color, quilting techniques, and design all through PLAY!
Workshop Fee: $30