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Block of the Month 

In the spring of 2015 we agreed on a new way to implement the Block of the Month. The plan is to present a new block each month.

If you decide to join the program you will need to select a focus fabric and then fabrics that compliment that fabric. Now when you begin each month’s block you will use those fabrics so that your blocks will build into a quilt top. All of the blocks will measure 12 and 1/2 inches. At any time you might choose to use one or more blocks to complete the entire top rather than using all 12.

When you have completed your quilt top we will have an exhibit at a general meeting and then you will have a choice to keep the top and finish it, or donate it to the guild’s charity project.

The blocks for each month will be available as an attachment to the online edition of the Newsletter or, for those who receive a hard copy, available at the table when you sign in to a meeting.

We hope everyone will like the change!

Download the July and August Block of the Month here.


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